Visting Epinion – March 3th 2015

Visting Epinion – March 3th 2015

BIA visited Epinion on march 3th 2015 as an company visit both to get to know the Århus based company better but also to know more about future employment and internship posibilites within the field of market research.

Epinion, mostly known for doing election pulls before and under elections in Danmark, is a full service market research and advisory firm founded in 1999 and have been fast growing since. Epinion is working within a wide range of industries including; turisme, pharmaceutical, aviantion and FMCG among others.

The company visit took place at Epinions company offices located at the harbour in downtown Århus.
Epinion had prepared a presentation consisting of general information about Epinion, impact stories and future employment options at Epinion relevant for BI-students. Epinion is each year hiring 4-8 interns where from the majority has a background in Political science. Most of these interns gets an offer to stay at epinion as junior consultans.

After the company-presentation we as BI-students had an opportunity to present ourselves and our line of study. As for many companies the term Business intelligence was something that they had heard of but it was still a bit unclear what we had to offer. The presentation was given by chairman Jeannette Simmelkjær and Jonas Garder.
This led to a good talk with the 3 representatives from Epinion. The knowledge and competences provided by the courses included in the BI-studyline at Aarhus University did matched the skillset that Epinion was looking for in new candidates and also led to a discussion on how new tools and techquines could be implemented at Epinion.
To finish of the visit we were taken on an tour at through the calling center, the office and meeting room where focus groups were conducted. Epinion had at the time of the visit just started their search for the new interns and participants was endorsed to apply.

Thank you, Epinon!

All participants from BIA would like to thank Epinion for inviting us to see and experience the company from within.

Post written by Mikkel Arvedsen, March 2015

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