Membership info

Membership of Business Intelligence Association (BIA)

As a member of BIA:

  • You are invited to company visits organized exclusively for BIA
  • You are invited to multiple workshops with companies
  • You are invited to the BIA study trip (more company visits, networking, socializing opportunities)

The membership fee for a year is 50 DKK.


How to become a member:

To sign up, please use MobilePay:

OR transfer 50 DKK to the following account:

Registration number: 9570
Account number: 0012482175



In the transfer statement, you have to write: “BIA [Your Name]”.
Example: “BIA Jens Andersen”.

Please notify Mads Lysgaard Poulsen once you have transferred the money. He will make sure that the registration was completed correctly.

We, in the board, very much hope that you will join BIA, and be a part of the activities that are being arranged.

The Business Intelligence Association