MSc Business Intelligence

The main feature of a MSc Business Intelligence graduate is to provide decision-makers with fact-based analysis, recommendations and conclusions based on existing and new data sources. By combining knowledge about advanced data analysis and knowledge about business administration, the graduates know what is relevant for the decision-makers, and what is redundant.

The focus of the line shortly summed up by the program coordinator:

“M.Sc. in Business Intelligence provides a combination of data warehousing and analytical skills that makes a graduate from this program the obvious choice for a company trying to improve the use of their database systems. The graduate knows about how to gather, how to provide access to and especially how to analyze data and information about the company operations. It can help companies develop a more consistent, data-based decision making process for business decisions, which can produce better results than making business decisions by ‘guesswork’.”

Hans Jørn Juhl, head of department and professor at Department of Business Administration

In other words, the graduates are not only equipped with tools and knowledge about how to analyse and manage data, they are also aware of how the results and following decisions affect the company and what the implications are for its key performance indicators and strategy.

BI graduate profile:

  • Masters the broad range of Business Intelligence methodologies and tools
  • Manages work and development situations that are complex, unpredictable and require new solution models
  • Extended knowledge in consumer psychology, advanced statistical methods and strategic management, to get the right data for the right analysis to conclusions for the right decisions.
  • Takes responsibility, on an independent basis, for own professional development and specialization
  • Masters the statistical and data management packages: SAS, R and SPSS.

For further information on the study line, either contact us directly or consult the official page for MSc Business Intelligence:

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