Company visit at Dansk Supermarked Group

Company visit at Dansk Supermarked Group

Today Business Intelligence Association went on the first company visit of the year. This time we visited Dansk Supermarked Group at their headquarters in Brabrand.

Dansk Supermarked Group is the largest retail group in Denmark, with a BI department consisting of aprox. 40 employees, working on one of the largest Business Intelligence solutions in Europe.

We were welcomed by Niels Bering Larsen, Maria Cornelia Litu, Jeppe Bach, Simon Søvsø Høholt and the two current BI interns. 

First, we were given an introduction by Niels Bering Larsen (Senior Manager), who presented few interesting facts about the company and the ways BI solutions are employed daily in different departments.

Coming up after Niels, Maria Cornelia Litu has presented her journey from being a BI student to being hired as full-time employee. She gave us insight into how is it to be an intern at DSG, the responsibilities of a student worker and finally, her experience now, as front-end developer.

Jeppe Bach started his presentation by telling us what influenced him to apply for an internship at Dansk Supermarked Group. He followed by offering a glance at the projects he was recently involved in as back-end developer.

Last to present was Simon, Solution architect, who thoroughly introduced us the tools used by the BI department every day. They all gave detailed answers to our questions and after the presentations we had the opportunity to get more insight by talking to the current interns, René and Elena.

We are thankful for an intersting company visit!


by Diana Otelea, November 2017


Bei meinen bisherigen arbeitgebern, arztpraxen und kliniken, war ich stets der ideengeber fr die beschreibungen der individuellen gesundheitsleistungen, medizinischen zusatzangebote, etc