Study Trip

Every year, the BIA association schedules a study trip whose purpose is to visit some relevant companies related to Business Intelligence. Those events are a good opportunity for you to know personally the last developments in BI while staying tuned with the members who make it possible.

Study Trip 2012

BIA had in 2012 arranged a study trip to India.

This page is still under construction as content will be added incrementally throughout April.

We left Denmark the 25th March and came back on the 6th of April.
One can read more about the trip in the pdf file below. The information is compiled by Sofie Lindgaard Jørgensen, the treasure of BIA.

Business Intelligence Association (BIA) Study Trip India

The participants all contributed to a small diary as we wanted to share a brief notion of our experiences on the trip.

Study Trip 2012 Blog

Company Visited

























Study Trip 2011

Business Intelligence Association went to Moscow for their study trip 2011.

The trip started 26th of April and lasted until the 3rd of May.

BIA arranged 4 company visits and also made time for seeing many of the famous areas in Moscow.

Study Trip 2011 Blog

Several sponsors made this fantastic trip possible and we thank them all for their contributions.


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