Visit at TimeXtender

Visit at TimeXtender

Mid day the 07. of March 11 members of the Business Intelligence Association biked through a small snow storm, to arrive in the warm and inviting environment of TimeXtender’s head office in Åbyhøj.

We were met by CEO and founder of TimeXtender, Heine Krog Iversen, and TimeXtender consultant Tobias Eld.
Starting up, Heine Krog Iversen introduced the history of TimeXtender from before launching in 2006 until where they are today in Heine’s own word: the only supplier in the world of the TimeXtender Software. Carrying on, Heine took us through the world of Business Intelligence by showing how Business Intelligence can be done smarter and faster with the use of the TimeXtender Software. The storytelling was spiced with jokes and anecdotes about his travelling in USA and South Afrika, where the company also has departments. As we see it, TimeXtender linkes business and IT in a way so that all the people in an organization is able to understand what the measures are all about.

After Heine finished his introduction, Tobias took over and introduces us to the actual software. By building a demo Tobias were able to explain and guiding us through the system in less than an hour. By this underlining their main point; TimeXtender is fast and easy. In the program we could see clear parallels to the data mining and business intelligence architecture subject.

We finished the day of, with sandwiches and an informal discussion about clouding, Big data and BI in general.

On behalf of the Business Intelligence Association, we would like to direct our appreciation to Heine and Tobias for showing us the clear link between our line of study and Business Intelligence in practice, and their great hospitality.
Post written by Anita Birkeland