SAS Institute & Reliance Insurance – March 27 (Mumbai, India)

SAS Institute & Reliance Insurance – March 27 (Mumbai, India)

Sabrina Advani from SAS Institute brought us to one of their customers, Reliance who showed us how they use SAS in their everyday business.

Reliance has 200 locations across India, why they find it necessary to have a tool that can give the management an overview of the zones, regions, branches, and channels. Nitin Ghope presented us to Reliance and their usage of ClickView for the primitive modelling and basic analytics and SAS for the month to month reports. Both tools have helped Reliance find out what business to do.

Like in Denmark, being insured isn’t law (only for motor driven vehicles). Therefore Reliance needs to make it easy to get insured. They do this with online payment and insurance packages. Different companies make their customers aware of different risks, which create a demand for insurances.

Nitin also discussed the access of data and the quality of the data actual available. E.g. for targeting the right segment or detecting insurance fraud, quality data is extremely important.

Nitin said that Reliance have gained a lot by using Business Intelligence (BI) but it still has a lot of potential. The implementation of BI in Reliance has been need-driven. Before they could only understand the numbers once the month was out, but they need to follow the business on a daily basis. Management needed IT and the IT department gave them BI.

Sabrina Advani was very nice and eager to help us. Not only did she spend time on showing us Reliance and telling us about SAS, she also took us to Gateway of India and showed us around. She gave us a lot of great tips on where to eat and shop and how we should behave in India. She really went that extra mile for us.

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