Day 4 – Moscow Trip

Day 4 – Moscow Trip

Our last company visit was at a Danfoss factory in one of the big industrial areas in Moscow. At Danfoss the General Manager gave us an introduction to quality control and a guided tour around the factory.

We had hired a small bus to take us to the factory and when we drove back into the city we found the Ukrainian restaurant that Lau had suggested. So we had lunch there and afterwards we began our big sightseeing day inside the Kremlin. We bought tickets to see the churches as well as the Armory Chamber. The Lenin Mausoleum, where Lenin lies cremated, was unfortunately closed, due to the up- coming Labor Day (May 1st), which caused a lot of construction work on the Red Square.

Kremlin entrance

One of the many churches inside the Kremlin

View of Kremlin – the Presidential residence on the left and the very characteristic dome churches on the right

Just next to the red Square with the National Museum in the background

It was built by Ivan the Terrible and the story tells that he poked out the eyes of the architect afterwards, so he could not build anything as beautiful ever again.

Having finished all our company visits and explored many of the sights in Mos- cow, it was time to hit the pubs and bars and taste some of the local Vodka, that the Russians are also famous for.

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