Company Visit: InfoSuite

Company Visit: InfoSuite

For the second time in one week, The Business Intelligence Association has made an exciting company visit. This time the association visited Herning where InfoSuite, a Danish consultancy and software company, has their main office.
At InfoSuite we got introduced to their software solution, how this is connected to performance management and why they see Business Intelligence solution as one of the key elements of obtaining competitive advantages in the future.

InfoSuite the software:
Firstly, InfoSuite’s newest trainee and current Business Intelligence student, Dion Bach, introduced us to the software and presented how InfoSuite is able to customize their solution after the customers’ individual and specific needs. The company focuses on medium sized companies within retail, distribution, production and service.

How InfoSuite is connected to performance management:
Secondly, Alfred Lage, sales director, explained how the linkage between strategy and performance measurement leads to increased results on the bottom line for a given company. In his presentation he referred to Kimball’s literature, which all members of BIA are made familiar with through our subjects in Business Intelligence at AU BSs. By recognizing this fact, InfoSuite offers not only a Business Intelligence tool in itself, but also the consultancy on combining budgeting with business intelligence.

Why Business Intelligence is the future…
Finishing of, Claus Thiel Sørensen, explained that if we in the future are to compete on analytics, we should focus on innovation and involvement of the people involved. Furthermore he explained that by applying this, InfoSuite has succeeded in entering Norway, Germany, Ukraine and Bolivia.

We left InfoSuite with a feeling of inspiration from their way of using Business Intelligence in combination with people and strategy. The Business Intelligence association continued towards their next stop, to visit one of InfoSuite’s costumers, BDO revision.

Thank you
On behalf of the Business Intelligence association we would like to direct our appreciation to InfoSuite, for hosting us and showing us how they use Business Intelligence in their company.

Post written by: Anita Birkeland, March 2012.

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