Company visit D60

Company visit D60

7th December 2011:

We had the pleasure of going on our first company visit for the new generation of MSc Business Intelligence students. The event coordinator was Hannah Larsen (Chairman of BIA) and it was located in D60’s very nice HQ in Aarhus.  Almost everybody from the new class + one of the “older” students participated, regardless of a “Business Intelligence & Performance Measurement”-exam waiting a week ahead.

One of the founders shared how they started in a basement in 2007 and moved into their present location in 2010 in Aarhus – today D60 has grown to 34 (5 in 2009) employees and indicated that number would increase continuously. D60 offers various services from data analysis to holistic Business Intelligent solutions for various types of companies. A more detailed description of the company can be found in the “Company Visit” menu.

After a short tour and a handful of snacks + soft drinks, the representatives started their presentation of D60 and their activities in the industry. The program for the presentation was:

  • Welcome
  • About d60 a/s
  • Business Intelligence – Definition and purpose
  • Practical BI
  • Life as a consultant
  • Personal experiences – education/background


The whole presentation can be downloaded here: D60 Business Intelligence company visit Presentation

The two representatives, Jeppe and Niels, both talked about BI in general but also connected this with their daily professional lives. Additionally, they demonstrated some of the software they used and how the theory and practise matched in a small example. A pleasant observation was the many similarities of what D60 told us about Business Intelligence and what the courses at ASB have taught us.

We enjoyed an enlightening experience in the company with D60, snacks, beverages and great sandwiches!

Thank you D60!

Grades, including formative and summative assessments were compared between semesters and in some instances, across the student’s high school careers