A day with… Monjasa A/S

A day with… Monjasa A/S

On December 3 2015, BIA members had the opportunity to spend a great day with Monjasa A/S, in its facilities located on Fredericia. Monjasa is a thriving company which operates in the sector of fuel trading.

To start, we were received for some of the main responsibles for Monjasa. They took a photo of each of us and we were invited to a generous lunch while having the opportunity to discuss about the past, present and future of the company and got answers to all our questions about the different activities developed by Monjasa in the field of BI.


After lunch, the company offered to us a short guided tour across its wonderful facilities with the aim of showing us a taste of the daily atmosphere in the workplace. We had the opportunity to check that Monjasa tries to provide a nice environment to the people who work for them.



Next, the company give to us a more detailed, specific explanation about its businesses. The goal: to challenge the members of BIA to come up with ideas for organizing and presenting the results in a convenient manner, once presented both the data and the theoretical framework. It was great because that challenge opened incipient professional opportunities to some of our members. ?



And after the hard work… Monjasa offered to us a nice dinner & drinks while playing bowling and doing some networking in its spectacular facilities!



BIA Board, on behalf of Business Intelligence Association members, would like to thank Monjasa for its excellent organization to everyone who attended to the event. It was a great day when we learned a lot about BI and its professional uses.

And you… still thinking that is not worth joining to Business Intelligence Association?

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