Study trip 2015 annoncement

News on study trip 2015
The destination of the study trip has been changed and we will be going to Copenhagen instead. Nevertheless, we are still trying to create an exciting program for you.

I can announce that Nielsen has agreed to a company visit and we are in dialog with SAS institute, IBM, Kunde & Co, PA Consulting Group, and Rambøll. Further, we are aiming for at least 3 company visits during our stay in Copenhagen.

We will be leaving by bus from Århus on Wednesday and the study trip ends Friday afternoon. However, we do not have anything planned for the trip back to Århus, you have to take care of that yourself.

As we are going to Copenhagen some of you might have friends or family to live at during the trip, why I would like to know how many are interested in finding a hostel.

Even though the midterm questions were more difficult for the flipped students, their median score was still 10 to 11 points higher