Last day – Shopping in Delhi

Our last day in India was devoted to shopping. After nine intensive days of company visits and sightseeing, the mood was set on just strolling around the city, soaking up the final impressions from India and buying the last presents for friends, family and even more so for our self. After checking out of the hotel, we walked to Connaught Place, one of Delhi’s most vibrant business areas. Here, major international stores are centred in a circle around a pretty little park with flowers, fountains and – surprise surprise – a visit from the Berlin Buddy Bears. The shops turned out to be closed due to Maundy Thursday but as we were grumbling over a cup of coffee and accompanying cake in a nearby café, an Indian family approached us with suggestions for a shopping centre to visit. The centre was nothing to write home about but the excursion there took us to the Delhi metro – a surprisingly comfortable way to travel in the Indian summer heat. Especially for the girls, the spacious, cool women’s carriage was approved. The boys were somewhat more crowded in their carriages, which naturally only helped to increase the girls’ joy.

When it was time to drive the airport, we were all tired and ready to go home but with a good mood, backpacks full of smelly clothes and souvenirs and cameras full of memories from a great study trip… Stay tuned…

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