Day 4 – Company visit Danish Industry, Mumbai

Today’s journey started with a small drive in Auto-rickshaws to meet up with a representative from The Confederation of Danish Industry (DI). The Auto-rickshaw drivers had a hard time sticking together, which resulted in the loss of three group members for more than half an hour – they got back with the help of two very kind indian guards from a company nearby. After we got regrouped, we met up with Anne-Mette, the assistant director of DI in India. Anne-Mette told us a lot about DI’s activities in India, and about what services they provide. Anne-Mette also gave a presentation of how it is for a young Danish woman, to live in India almost half of the year. She told us about the adaption she has had to make in order to manage her career in India, and she described the challenges she has faced being a woman in a leading position in India. All in all it was a very enlightening meeting we had with DI, so a big thank you, goes to Anne-mette and her team for the presentation.

After the meeting we went for sightseeing in the central part of Mumbai. We wanted to go and see the University and High Court, but for different reasons it were not possible to get inside the two so looking at them from the outside had to do. After having lunch at a local Indian restaurant we went shopping in the area of Bandra, where some Bollywood actors live. When arriving at Bandra train station, we asked a local man for directions. Instead of pointing out the route for us, he walked us the entire way, which yet again showed us the hospitality of the Indian people. We shopped for a few hours and got some dinner before the day ended back at our hotel at 11 pm. All in all a day full of experiences and meeting great people, both Danish and Indian.

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