Day 10 – Taj Mahal, Red Fort and Delhi Belly

Dehydration and the famous Indian Delhi belly have had its victims from the start of the day. All of us got up at 6 am, more or less fit, in order to see Taj Mahal at sunrise. It was a spectacular view that met us when arriving. After having seen Taj Mahal and afterwards having breakfast, then we met up with Kadra our guide at Agra´s Red Fort. The fort was incredible – the Red Fort contains some great history which Kadra told us all about, and a spectacular view of Taj Mahal in the distance. After the Red Fort we visited a spice shop and were introduced to the school where Kadra works. We got to see how the children were taught by the teachers, and we saw how the children were dressed for going to school. We had brought some presents that was presented to the school principal.

We said goodbye to Kadra after having visited her school, and drove on to Delhi, our final destination of our study trip to India. In Delhi we walked to the supermarket to take on supplies for the trip home the next day. Then we had our final dinner on the rooftop restaurant next to our hotel, where we shared all kinds of different Indian dishes, that we enjoyed big time.

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